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-====== ​Simple ​Coming Soon ======+====== Coming Soon Page ======
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
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 if something went wrong, please, contact us. We are glad to help. if something went wrong, please, contact us. We are glad to help.
 +==== Exclude links to coming soon page from Google search results ====
 +After uninstalling the application,​ the link to the coming soon page of your store may remain in the results of Google search for some time. In order to exclude this irrelevant link from the search results, you can ask Google to update your links by following the steps in this instruction:​
 +[[https://​​webmasters/​answer/​6065812?​hl=en|Ask Google to recrawl your URLs]]
 ===== Setting up the app ===== ===== Setting up the app =====
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 ===== Version history ===== ===== Version history =====
-[[https://​​simple-coming-soon-changelog|See the app's changelog by clicking on the link.]]+https://​​simple-coming-soon-changelog
-===== Simple ​Coming Soon at Shopify'​s App Store =====+===== Coming Soon Page at Shopify'​s App Store =====
 https://​​simple-coming-soon https://​​simple-coming-soon
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