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The installation is simple. Just go to the App listing admin area of your Shopify store, then click on our App icon, open app settings and press "Activate" button.

Note, that you need to disable all similar applications before use.

Installation troubleshooting

If the app doesn't work after installing, and you see a default password page, you should disable it. Try to do this:

  • 1. Go to the admin panel and click the "Online Store".
  • 2. Click on "Preferences".
  • 3. Untick "Enable password page" in "Password page" block and save the changes.
  • 4. Activate the app and click on eye icon in the top right corner of the app settings, now you should see the Coming soon page.

If you always redirected to coming soon page even if you logged in to store admin panel, there is 2 ways to fix it. First way:

  • 1. Log in to admin panel of your store.
  • 2. Find link "Online Store" in the left menu under "SALES CHANNELS".
  • 3. Click on eye icon to the right of link "Online Store".

And the second way is to relogin to admin panel of your store.

If you change theme you need to:

  • 1. Got to app settings page.
  • 2. Untick Activate checkbox.
  • 3. Save changes.
  • 4. Tick Activate checkbox.
  • 5. Save changes again.


Activation troubleshooting

In case of your store has been closed or frozen due to unpaid Shopify plan, and then you have resumed the work of your store (or unfrozen it), you need to reactivate the application manually. Otherwise, the application will not work.

Theme changing troubleshooting

When you change the store theme, the application will stop working, and the page coming soon will stop showing to your customers. To enable it back, you must:

  • 1. Run the application.
  • 2. Untick the "Activate coming soon page" checkbox.
  • 3. Click on the "Save" button.
  • 4. Tick back “Activate coming soon page”.
  • 5. Click the "Save" button again.

This way your coming soon page will be added to your page again.


Before uninstallation you need to deactivate app. Please do the following:

  • 1. Go to app settings page.
  • 2. Untick the "Activate coming soon page" checkbox.
  • 3. Save changes.

Uninstallation troubleshooting

If it doesn't work and you redirected to app's page, try to delete redirect code manually:

  • 1. Go to the admin panel and click the "Online Store".
  • 2. Click dropdown "Actions". Then press "Edit code".
  • 3. Click "theme.liquid" in the left menu.
  • 4. Delete code till "<!doctype html>".

if something went wrong, please, contact us. We are glad to help.

After uninstalling the application, the link to the coming soon page of your store may remain in the results of Google search for some time. In order to exclude this irrelevant link from the search results, you can ask Google to update your links by following the steps in this instruction: Ask Google to recrawl your URLs

Setting up the app

Export users to Mailchimp

At the moment, the process of exporting your customers from Shopify to Mailchimp is rather cumbersome and difficult for the average user. To be user-friendly, we offer you our help. Please contact with us at and we will help you to do it.

Support work schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.
  • iMessage(+7-919-221-52-12): response time up to 12 hours
  • Chat and email: response time up to 1 day

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