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Coming Soon Page

A simple app to create a Coming Soon page for your future customers. Collect information for mailing, share your contacts and set the countdown to the opening of your Store quickly and easily. As soon as time comes store will be opened automatically ready to welcome your buyers.

Application plans

Coming Soon Page setting and using

App Settings tab has the following sections:

1) General settings

Use this section to:

  • Activate the App
  • Show Coming Soon page on domain root
  • Create text context (Header and Subheader, choose text color)
  • Set a countdown (GMT+3)
  • Upload beckgraund image
  • Upload logo image

Click "Save" after completing the settings.

2) Subscription

Use this section to:

  • Customize subscription field
  • View list of subscribers

Click "Save" after completing the settings.

3) Social links

Use this section to:

  • Share all the social networks you have to connect with your customers.

Click "Save" after completing the settings.

4) SEO

Use this section to:

  • Insert your SEO-tags for your buyers to find your store on the Net.

Click "Save" after completing the settings.

5) Additional

Use this section to:

  • Create additional text context
  • Use CSS in order to structure the HTML page as you want it

Click "Save" after completing the settings.


App will not work if Shopify password protection in your Store is activated. Please disable password protection before using our app.

Theme change

Store Theme change can stop application from working. Please complete the following actions before theme changing:

  • 1. Open the application
  • 2. Untick the "Activate coming soon page" checkbox
  • 3. Click on the "Save" button

Change the Theme

  • 1. Open the application
  • 2. Tick back “Activate coming soon page”
  • 3. Click the "Save" button again

This way your coming soon page will be added to your Store again.

App installation and removal

Please disable all similar applications before use.


Install the application from Shopify App Store by clicking "Add app". After completing these steps, our application is ready to work.

If Snippet or application code in theme.liquid were accidentally removed from the store theme, use Manual installation.


During installation app automatically integrate into the store theme without additional setting or coding. The same process will be applied when you change the theme. Intergration into a new theme will be made without any manual actions.


In order to remove the App from your store all you need to do is click "Apps" tab in your store Admin, find our App and click "Delete"

If all App code pieces also need to be deleted from your store theme you can use Manual removal.

After uninstalling the application, the link to the coming soon page of your store may remain in the results of Google search for some time. In order to exclude this irrelevant link from the search results, you can ask Google to update your links by following the steps in this instruction: Ask Google to recrawl your URLs

Export users to Mailchimp

At the moment, the process of exporting your customers from Shopify to Mailchimp is rather cumbersome and difficult for the average user. To be user-friendly, we offer you our help. Please contact with us at and we will help you to do it.

Support work schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.
  • Chat and email: response time up to 1 day

Version history

Coming Soon Page at Shopify's App Store

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