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Upsell System


Install our application is very easy, you need to go to Shopify App Store, find our application and click "Add app". After completing these steps, our application will be ready to work.

Note, that you need to disable all similar applications before use.


Just go into the app listing admin area of your Shopify store, then click on the trash icon. After the application is deleted, all changes made to it in your store will be canceled.

Setting up and using

When you first visit our application, the configuration wizard will open, which will show you how our application works. It will guide you step by step on the process of creating your first offer and will show you how to test it. You will need to make sure that the offer appears on the test cart page. If you see it, press "Yes" otherwise click on "No" to get help from the support or click on "Test again" to re-check your first offer.


The "Dashboard" tab allows you to monitor the performance indicators of your offers.


On the "Offers" tab you can create, edit and delete your offers, as well as check the statuses of your offers. Any offer can have one of four statuses:

  • - offer is active and shown to your customers
  • - the offer is not active, because was disabled manually
  • - the offer is not shown. If you see this status, you need to replenish the stocks of the offered products
  • - an error occurred, the offer is not shown. If you see this status, you need to click the offer and then click "Save" to fix.

Any offer can be edited, deactivated or deleted by opening the edit menu by simply clicking on it or on the offer’s “Edit” button.

Setting discount name

In case you want to customize the name of the discount, which will be shown on the checkout page, in the edit menu click on the inscription “Show more settings” and in the field that appears below specify the desired name of the discount, then save the changes.


On the "Settings" tab, you can manage the application and customize the type and display style that will be the same for all your customers.

In the “General” section you can enable and disable the application, as well as regulate whether offers will be displayed on mobile devices.

In the “Banner” section you can customize the banner for the design of your store and localize its labels, if required.

To customize the banner, select the type of banner:

  • modal - customer can't dismiss the banner or continue until he/she acts with the banner;
  • pop-up - customer don't need to deal with banner right away, he/she can continue to use the store.

The next step is to decide which event will trigger a banner in your store:

  • Cart page - show banner when a customer has opened the cart page;
  • Check out button - show banner when a customer has clicked Check out button on the cart page;
  • Add to cart button - show banner when a customer has clicked Add to cart button on the product page.

Next, you can customize the number of products that will be added to the banner, the color of its background, as well as the font, by selecting one of the standard web fonts or specifying the name of any font from the Google Fonts list.

Below you can see how your banner will look like by switching the preview mode.

Most elements of your banner can be customized and localized for your needs. Follow the link to watch a short video on how to customize your banner easily.

In the “Offer” section you can change the offer name, which will be added by default to each new offer you create, you can customize each one in the offer editing menu on the “Offers” tab.

In order for your changes and settings to be applied, please save the changes by clicking the “Save” button.

Support work schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.
  • iMessage(+7-919-221-52-12): response time up to 12 hours
  • Chat and email: response time up to 16 hours

Version history

Upsell System at Shopify's App Store

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