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KAD Upsell & Cross Sell

:!: The app uses the DraftOrders API. This means that if activated, all custom scripts and scripts of other applications can be disabled. This behavior is due to the fact that the application implements additional functionality when creating draft orders, which is not provided when working with the standard Shopify checkout. Learn more about the DraftOrders API in the Shopify Help Center

Free plan

The KAD Upsell & Cross Sell application is offered by default on the terms of a free plan, which has some limitations:

  • the maximum number of offers is 1 offer;
  • customization of individual elements in the banner is disabled;

If you want to remove these restrictions and switch to a paid plan, you need to do one of these actions:

  • start creating a new offer;
  • start customizing banner elements.

After completing one of these actions, you will see a window for switching to a paid plan. Following the instructions, you can upgrade your plan.

The cost of your subscription depends on your Shopify plan. For more information about subscription prices, see the application page in the Shopify App Store.

Setting up and using

When you first open our application, the configuration wizard will give you some tips on how everything works. It will guide you step by step on the process of creating your first offer and will show you how to test it. You will need to make sure that the offer appears on the test cart page. If you see it, press "Yes" otherwise click on "No" to get help from the support or click on "Test again" to re-check your first offer.


The "Dashboard" tab allows you to monitor the performance indicators (success rate) of your offers.


On the "Offers" tab you can create, edit and delete your offers, as well as check the statuses of your offers. Any offer can have one of four statuses:

  • - offer is active and shown to your customers
  • - the offer is not active, because was disabled manually
  • - the offer is not shown. If you see this status, you need to replenish the stocks of the offered products
  • - an error occurred, the offer is not shown. In order to fix it click on the offer and "Save" it one more time.

Any offer can be edited, deactivated or deleted with the help of "Edit" menu.

There are two options for creating an offer:

  • Single choice is offer type that allows customer to add one product to cart from the banner. Quantity of the chosen product depends on what you specified in offer settings (eg, 2 items of specific product).
  • Multi choice is offer type that allows customer to add multiple products to cart from the banner. Total amount of chosen products depends on what you specified in offer settings (eg, up to 5 product items).

Setting discount name

In case you want to customize the name of the discount, which will be shown on the checkout page, in the edit menu click on the inscription “Show more settings” and in the field that appears below specify the desired name of the discount, then save the changes.

Now you can add link to your product name in banner that redirects your customer's to product page. You can change that setting in "Settings".


On the "Settings" tab, you can manage the application and customize the type and display style that will be the same for all your customers.

In the “General” section you can enable and disable the application, as well as regulate whether offers will be displayed on mobile devices.

In the “Banner” section you can customize the banner according the design of your store and localize its labels, if require.

To customize the banner, select the type of banner:

  • modal - banner requires customer's actions (close or add suggested product to the cart) in order to allow further work with the store;
  • pop-up - banner does not require customer's actions in order to continue working with the store.

The next step is to decide which event will trigger a banner in your store:

  • Cart page - show banner when customer opens the cart page;
  • Check out button - show banner when customer clicks "Check out" button on the cart page;
  • Add to cart button - show banner when customer clicks "Add to cart" button on the product page.

Next, you can customize the number of products that will be added to the banner, the color of its background, as well as the font, by selecting one of the standard web fonts or specifying the name of any font from the Google Fonts list.

Below you can see how your banner will look like by switching the preview mode.

Most elements of your banner can be customized and localized by your needs. Follow the link to watch a short video on how to customize your banner easily.

In the “Offer” section you can change the offer name, which will be added by default to each new offer you create, you can customize each one in the offer editing menu on the “Offers” tab.

All the changes and settings apply automatically.

App installation and removal

Please disable all similar applications before use.


Install the application from Shopify App Store by clicking "Add app". After completing these steps, our application is ready to work.

If Snippet or application code in theme.liquid were accidentally removed from the store theme, use Manual installation.


During installation app automatically integrate into the store theme without additional setting or coding. The same process will be applied when you change the theme. Intergration into a new theme will be made without any manual actions.


In order to remove the App from your store all you need to do is click "Apps" tab in your store Admin, find our App and click "Delete"

If all App code pieces also need to be deleted from your store theme you can use Manual removal.

Support work schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.
  • Chat and email: response time up to 16 hours

Version history

KAD Upsell & Cross Sell at Shopify's App Store

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