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Partial payment

Partial payment feature allows you to receive partial payment from the buyer for a certain pre-order product/variant and request payment of the remaining amount at the time this product/variant is available for shipping.

:!: This function uses the DraftOrders API. This means that if activated, all custom scripts and scripts of other applications can be disabled. This behavior is due to the fact that the application implements additional functionality when creating draft orders, which is not provided when working with the standard Shopify checkout. Learn more about the DraftOrders API in the Shopify Help Center

:?: This is a Beta feature. We actively collect user feedback and refine the feature to make it better. In case of difficulties, please contact our support.

:?: The feature is only available on certain plans. For more information see the description page of the current application plans.

Partial payment activation

  1. Go to the “Settings“ and scroll to the section “Partial payment”.
  2. Click “Enable”

Note: If you are changing the default value for “Initial payment percent” and “Initial payment label” do not forget to click “Save” at the page bottom.

Enabling partial payment for a specific product/variant

  1. Go to the tab “Products”
  2. Сhoose the product/variant and check the box “Enable partial payment”
  3. Click “Save”

How partial payment works

After you activate partial payment and enable it for a product/variant in pre-order settings, the following processing will be implemented: Customers with such pre-ordered items after clicking “Checkout” will be redirected to a specially formed payment page, that will show partial payment amount instead of full product/variant price. Payments for the products without enabled partial payment feature will be fully collected at once. Pre-ordered products with enabled partial payment feature will be conditionally designated as draft products with the line item property (default value - “Initial payment”) and partial payment price.

After the order payment is completed, this order will appear on the top of the list in the “Dashboard” tab, highlighted with the yellow badge showing that order was partially paid.

In the “Orders” tab of the Store Admin this order will be tagged as “partial payment” for the searching convenience of such orders among the general list.

Such order will be processed as follows: Order will include draft product with initial payment amount as a price and original product with the rest amount of payment. This rest amount of payment can be requested, for example, by sending an invoice to the customer.

After receiving the rest of the payment, the yellow partial payment badge will be removed and this order will be shown as a regular order in the “Dashboard” tab.

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