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 ====== KAD Pre-order ====== ====== KAD Pre-order ======
 +It will help you to set not only products, but every single variant for pre-order separately. ​
 +Specify a time period, during which pre-orders will be available. Translate App buttons, tooltips and other texts into different languages. Enable partial payments in the amount of the percentage of the total cost. Put "​pre-order"​ badges on the collection page to highlight the pre-ordered product. Notify your customers on the cart page and via Email making sure they did not miss all the terms and conditions of making a pre-order. In addition App automaticly integrades into the store theme when installing or changing the theme.
-===== Installation ===== 
-App installation is very easy. All you need is to go to Shopify App Store, find our application and click "Add app". After completing these steps, our application will be ready to work.+===== Application plans =====
-Note, that you need to disable all similar applications before use.+In light of the transition to new plans that are not related ​to Shopify ones, our application now has Relevant and Archived plans
-[[public:​apps:​preorder:​Manual installation|]]+^  STARTER ​                                                            ​^ ​ STANDARD ​                                                           ^  PRO                                                       ^ 
 +|  10 products can be set for pre-order (all their variants included) ​ |  30 products can be set for pre-order (all their variants included) ​ |  Unlimited products and variants can be set for pre-order ​ | 
 +|  Cart pre-order labels ​                                              ​| ​ + STARTER features ​                                                 |  + STANDARD features ​                                      | 
 +|  Mixed cart notification ​                                            ​| ​ Email notifications ​                                                ​| ​ Partial payment ​                                          | 
 +|  Pre-order badges ​                                                   |                                                                      |  Multilanguage ​                                            |
 +**In order to change the plan do the following:​**
-===== Free plan =====+  * Go to the "​Settings"​ tab  
 +  * Find section where your current ​plan is specified and click "​Update plan"​ 
 +  * Choose the required plan and click "​Choose Plan" or "Start Pro Trial"
-The KAD Pre-order application is offered by default on the terms of free plan, which has some limitations:​+**Note:** App can also offer you a plan upgrade if you will try to set up the features that are not included in your current plan. 
-  * the maximum number of products for which pre-order, that can be simultaneously activated, is 2 products; +<​spoiler|Archived plans>
-  * bulk settings of several products are disabled; +
-  * Individual pre-order settings for product variants are disabled.+
-If you want to remove these restrictions ​and switch to a paid plan, you need to do one of these actions:+Following plans are outdated ​and their features pack will receive no update:
-  * start setting up another product if you have already reached the limit; 
-  * start bulk setting of several products at the same time; 
-  * click on the link to go to the settings of product options. 
-After completing one of these actions, you will see a window for switching to a paid plan. Following the instructions,​ you can upgrade your plan.+  * **Free** 
 +  * **Basic** 
 +  * **Shopify** 
 +  * **Advanced** 
 +  * **Plus**
-<WRAP center info 60%> +When you try to change an archived ​plan, you will be offered to choose any of the Relevant plansAfter switching to the Relevant planreturning to Archived plans will be impossible. 
-The cost of your subscription depends on your Shopify ​plan. For more information about subscription pricessee [[​simple-pre-order|the application page in the Shopify App Store]]. +</​spoiler> ​  
-</​WRAP>​+===== Features ===== 
 +  * [[public:apps:​preorder:​features:​schedule|Schedule]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​multilanguage|Multilanguage]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​badges|Pre-order ​badge]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​partial-payment|Partial payment]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​email-notification|Email notification]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​mixed-cart-notification|Mixed cart notification]] 
 +  * [[public:​apps:​preorder:​features:​custom-css|Custom CSS]]
-===== Setting up and using ===== 
-When you first open our application,​ the setting wizard will give you some tips on how everything works. The setup wizard will create a test product. You will need to make sure that the pre-order button appears on test product page. If you see the pre-order button, press "I see the pre-order button"​ otherwise click on "I can not see the pre-order button"​. 
-Go to the "​Settings"​ tab and setting the application as you like. In the "​Products"​ tab, you can click on the product and activate pre-order ​for it. You can also select several products ​and change settings for each one of them. Fields that youleave empty will not be changed in bulk editing mode.+===== Pre-order ​setting ​and using =====
-==== Setting pre-orders for products and variants ​====+==== Interface tabs ====
-In order to activate the pre-order for a product:+  * "​Dashboard"​ tab is for managing pre-orders made by your customers. 
 +  * "​Products"​ tab is made for individual and mass setting up pre-order ​products/​variants. 
 +  * "​Settings"​ tab is to be used for rewritting default values, activating specific features and changing App plan. 
-  - Click the "​Products tab"​. +==== Enabling ​pre-orders ​for products and variants ====
-  - Click on the product you want to activate. +
-  - Tick "​Enable ​pre-orders" checkbox in the right column of the settings block. +
-  - Set the "​Quantity limit" of available pre-orders more than 0. +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-If you want to set the pre-order for variants ​of a product:+<WRAP group> 
 +<WRAP half column>​ 
 +  * Go to the "​Products"​ tab. 
 +  * Choose the product(s) ​you want to activate from the list or use "​Search"​ to find one(s) you need. 
 +  * Check the box "​Enable ​pre-orders"​ in the right opened setting block. 
 +  * Set the number ​of pre-orders you are planning to sell in "​Quantity limit"​. 
 +  * Click "​Save"​. 
-  - Click on the product which variants ​you want to set. +<WRAP half column>​ 
-  ​Click the "​Variants ​tab" in the settings block in the right column+**Variant** 
-  ​Set each variant ​in the same way as products. +  * Choose ​the product which variant(s) ​you want to set. 
-  In order to go back click to the "​Products"​ tab in the left column of the settings ​block.+  ​Click the "​Variants" ​tab in the right opened ​settings block. 
 +  ​Set the required ​variant(s) the same way as products
 +      * Choose the variant(s) you want to activate from the list
 +      * Check the box "​Enable pre-orders"​ in the left opened setting block. 
 +      * Set the number of pre-orders you are planning ​to sell in "​Quantity limit"​ 
 +      * Click "​Save"​. 
 +==== Disabling pre-orders for products and variants ==== 
 +<WRAP group> 
 +<WRAP half column>​ 
 +  * Go to the "​Products"​ tab
 +  * Choose ​the product(s) you want to deactivate from the list or use "​Search"​. 
 +  * Uncheck the box "​Enable pre-orders"​ in the right opened setting ​block. 
 +  * Click "​Save"​. 
-If you see green status badge "active", it means pre-order for this product is active and button is available on product pageIf you can see, for example, “active 5 variants”,​ it means pre-orders ​for 5 product variants are active and button is available on product page for each of chosen variants when you switch them.+<WRAP half column>​ 
 +  * Choose the product which variant(s) ​you want to deactivate. 
 +  * Click the "Variants" ​tab in the right opened settings block. 
 +  * Disable the required variant(s) the same way as products:  
 +      * Choose the variant(s) ​you want to deactivate from the list. 
 +      * Uncheck the box "​Enable ​pre-orders" in the left opened setting block. 
 +      * Click "​Save"​. 
-=== Setting of pre-order period ===+Please check products/​variants statuses before leaving the App. 
-In order to set a certain pre-order availability period for a specific product or for several at once:+=== Product/​variant status ===
-  ​- Select the products or product variants you need to set up your period. +  ​* No badge — pre-order for this product/​variant is no enabled.
-  - Tick "​Enable schedule"​ checkbox in the pre-order ​settings block. +
-  - Choose the start day for pre-orders and click on it in the calendar. +
-  - In order to set an end date for pre-orders, choose ​this day and click on it in the calendar. +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-If you want to disable the pre-order ​period setting ​for one selected ​product ​or several of them:+  * {{:​private:​support:​apps:​active.png |}} — pre-order for this product/variant is active and this item is available to preorder.
-  ​- Select the products or product variants for which you would like to disable the pre-order period. +  ​* {{:​private:​support:​apps:​active_5_variants.png |}} — pre-orders are active for 5 variants of this product.
-  - Untick "​Enable schedule"​ checkbox in the pre-order settings block. +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-==== [¡New feature!] Multilanguage settings ​ ====+  * {{:​private:​support:​apps:​in_stock.png |}} — this product has available items in stock. As a result, this product cannot be pre-ordered and have "Add to Cart" button on the product page.
-If you are selling in multiple languages, you have the option ​of manually customizing texts +  * {{:​private:​support:​apps:​limit_reached.png |}} — number of pre-orders that you were planning to sell reached ​the limit. Check the value of the "​Quantity limit" field for the product.
-and titles ​for each of your store'​s additional languages.+
-=== How to make it work ===+  * {{:​private:​support:​apps:​schedule.waiting.png |}} — the scheduled pre-order period has not started yet.
-Published or not, it will work for every added language. +  * {{:​private:​support:​apps:​schedule.passed.png |}} — the scheduled pre-order period ​has already finished
-We highly recommend to start setting from the section "​Default"​ in the tab Settings. +  
-These settings will be used on every product and variant that has not been yet manually customized+  
-Here is how it works in "​Settings"​ tab:+==== Creating a partial-payment pre-order by the store manager ====
-  ​In the section "​General"​ click "Show multilanguage settings"​. +To create a pre-order by the store manager, you must have a plan that include partial payment featureThe following steps are required: ​
-  - Enter button "Out of Stock" and "​Pre-ordered item label" text for additional language(s). +
-  - Scroll down to section "​Default"​ and click "Show multilanguage settings"​. +
-  - Enter button and tooltip text for additional language(s). +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-You also have an option to translate pre-order texts for each product ​and variant+  ​In the store choose necessary products available ​for pre-ordering ​and add to cart.  
-Here is how it works in "​Products"​ tab:+  - Press Checkout. You will be taken to the checkout page.  
 +  - You can copy the link to this page and send it to the client or close it and go to the admin panel.  
 +  - In the admin panel open the list of draft orders (/​admin/​draft_orders) and perform the necessary actionsmark as paid or send an invoice to the client.  
 +  - After payment, the draft order will be processed, an order will be created where the original products will be added. The order will include a discount on the prepaid amount.  
 +  - Perform the necessary actions with the order. ​
-  - Choose a product. +===== App installation ​and removal =====
-  - Tick box "​Enable pre-orders"​. +
-  - Complete all the settings for the default language. +
-  - Click "Show multilanguage settings"​. +
-  - Enter button ​and tooltip text for additional language(s). +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-Here is how it works for "​Variants":​+**Please disable all similar applications before use.**
-  - Choose a product. +<WRAP group> 
-  - Go to variants. +<WRAP third column> 
-  - Choose a variant. +**Installation**
-  - Tick box "​Enable pre-orders"​. +
-  - Complete all the settings for the default language. +
-  - Click "Show multilanguage settings"​. +
-  - Enter button and tooltip text for additional language(s). +
-  - Click "​Save"​.+
-==== Customer ​pre-order ​email notifications ====+[[https://​​simple-pre-order|Install the application]] from Shopify App Store by clicking "Add app". After completing these steps, our application is ready to work.
-//Feature coming soon...//+If //Snippet// or application code in //theme.liquid// were accidentally removed from the store theme, use [[[[public:​apps:​preorder:​manual_installation|Manual installation]]. 
-==== Partial payment ====+<WRAP third column>​ 
-//Feature coming soon...//+During installation app automatically integrate into the store theme without additional setting or coding. 
 +The same process will be applied when you change the themeIntergration into a new theme will be made without any manual actions. 
 +<WRAP third column>
-===== Deleting =====+In order to remove the App from your store all you need to do is click "​Apps"​ tab in your store Admin, find our App and click "​Delete"​
-Go to your Shopify ​store, find our app in the list and then click on the trash icon. Once application is deleted everything will return to the default settings.+If all App code pieces also need to be deleted from your store theme you can use [[[[public:​apps:​preorder:​manual_uninstallation|Manual removal]]. 
-[[public:​apps:​preorder:​Manual uninstallation|]] 
-===== Support work schedule ===== 
-  * Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London. +===== Contacts, regulations ​and Support working hours ===== 
-  * iMessage(+7-919-221-52-12):​ response time up to 12 hours +
-  * Chat and email: response time up to 1 day+
-===== Version history =====+Email Addresses: [[|]] / [[|]]\\ Live Chat\\ [[https://​​simple-pre-order#​modal-show=ContactSupportModal|Contact modal]]\\ Phone: 1-877-769-6919\\
-https://​​kad-pre-order-changelog +Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.\\  Chat and email: response time up to 2 day
-===== KAD Pre-order at Shopify'​s App Store =====+
-https://​​simple-pre-order+===== Versions history =====
-===== Our benefactors =====+[[https://​​kad-pre-order-changelog]]
 +===== Our benefactors =====
 From our entire team we are most grateful to **Todd Brown**, who voluntarily supported our app. From our entire team we are most grateful to **Todd Brown**, who voluntarily supported our app.
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